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Buy as MUCH Gannett stock as you can stand

June 2, 2003


David (!!) and I hit the gym at 3:20ish this afternoon. I did 25 brisk minutes on the elliptical and then did my 10 assisted chinups. Then I was pooped and ready to go home. Sat on our balcony enjoying the first fully-sunny day I can remember since we got back from Florida. I played some Asheron’s Call and got Dierdre the Pain up to level 68. I was going to also go on a group hunt, but I had trouble staying connected to the game. :/ Despite my BEST intentions, I had some chocolate cake — I suppose I’ll consider that dinner.

AND…I planted an ‘herb garden.’ Three sad-looking little pots. One basil, one cilantro (mmmmm) and one oregano.

Gannett stock finished flat today. I guess that’s good. I did some shuffling around in my 401(k) this morning, gambling on the fact that Gannett stock would go up after the FCC ruling. Now that I’m sure that transaction took place, tomorrow y’all can feel free to buy as MUCH Gannett stock as you can stand. OK?

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