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I sucked down the Basil Chicken in record time

June 2, 2003

I sucked down the Basil Chicken in record time. I’m still hungry so I thought I’d blog until the hunger goes away. 🙂

The FCC voted to relax media ownership rules today. Basically, this means that a handful of companies can now own the majority of the news outlets (radio, TV, newspapers) if they want to. Newspaper rules were changed too. A company (let’s say, Gannett) was previously not allowed to own a newspaper and a broadcaster (TV or Radio station) in the same city.

People are afraid now that news will go unchecked and be skewed by the opinions of these few companies that own the outlets. Unfortunately, I feel that’s been happening already — even before these rule changes. However, as an employee of a company that stands to benefit from this (Gannett, an owner of many, many newspapers) and who has some cash tied up in both Gannett stock and Disney (owner of ABC/ESPN) stock, I hope to reap some profit from this whole endeavor.

From a news aspect, I’d LOVE if Gannett bought one of our local tv news stations. I get giddy thinking of all of the great video footage we’d have access to. And have I mentioned before that my degree is in Radio/TV? 😀

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