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I’m giving mascara another shot today.

June 2, 2003

Sheesh…not one blog entry from yesterday? Well, to summarize Sunday:

My weight was the lowest EVER (since the inception of O.C., that is), 136.4. To celebrate we went to Donato’s for their fab-u chicken mariachi pizza and I baked a chocolate cake. We went to Loews in Cherry Hill to catch a movie. We were GOING to see Finding Nemo, but on a rainy Sunday, the theater looked like a freaking day-care center gone wild! We saw Bruce Almighty instead, which was pretty good, for being a Jim Carrey movie. Morgan Freeman’s performance of God is very close to how I envision God. Humorous, but poignant and caring. If I see Finding Nemo in the theater, it’s going to have to be a weeknight evening showing.

It rained most of the day and got chilly later. That brings us to today:

Wt: 137.4 (snicker) I am my own worst enemy. My own biggest saboteur. 😉 Let’s see if I can whittle that extra pound off this week.
Mood: Alright, I guess. Even the deepest wounds start to heal eventually. Then again, we’ve not received Mickey’s remains yet, so I’m sure that’ll open another floodgate. I’m giving mascara another shot today.
Work docket: Hot Jobs (waiting for ads now), Ingle update, Faith update, etc.
Lunch plans: Brought Smart Ones Basil Chicken
Afternoon: YMCA
Evening: unknown

Since it’s supposed to be 77 and sunny today (fitting, after a rainy weekend), I tried on some stuff from last year, and even though I had lost a chunk of weight by the end of last summer, my warm-weather clothes are still big. (sigh) So my wardrobe’s still pretty limited.

And the air conditioning is cranked today. Glad I put a sweater on over my sleeveless denim dress. 🙂

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