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Getting back to normal!

May 14, 2003

Wt: 141.2. Good! Getting back to normal! I knew once I stopped eating like a sow the weight would fall off again.
Mood: Pleasantly happy and content
Work docket: Did online mall and updated Barry Lank’s page with Sunday’s column.Waiting for an ad while gathering pics/stories from the Camden County Best of the Class of 2003 section. I want to update recipes, and maybe do some look/feel stuff for the inevitable Women on the Run online section.
Lunch: Brought SmartOnes Turkey. I went food shopping yesterday!
Afternoon: I wanted to take a nap, since I didn’t sleep well last night at all. Probably won’t, since I need to track down my YMCA membership card. Kitchen needs some TLC as well.
Evening: Back to Yoga at 7:30. I may go early to get 15 or so minutes in on the treadmill first. I”m trying to vary my workouts now — I think that will help me reach 135 a lot better than starving myself will.

If all goes well with my days-off request, I may be heading to Mississippi on June 12th to visit David’s family and attend his 15 year High School Reunion. He has yet to experience the joy of a HS reunion. I went to my 10 year one back in 2000. That’s enough for me. Cherry Hill East was cliquish and snobby when I attended, and my class was STILL cliquish and snobby 10 years later.

Signs I’m getting my stuff together:
1) I’m wearing a long skirt not to hide holes and runs in my hose, but because I want to.
2) I bought my own Oatmeal Express bowls at Genuardi’s last night so that my healthful diet is not dependent on the whims and whimsies of Havco Vending.
3) For three days in a row now, I planned my day’s outfit the night before…saving precious minutes so that I can actually blow-dry my hair rather than let it air-dry.
4) I sorted through my vacation pictures less than a week after I returned home!
5) AND…I renewed my domain name kimberussell.com for another year, since I did so well with keeping it pretty/updated this year! I’m itching to redesign again though.

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