May 15, 2003

I updated last night!

Wt: 138.8. Freaky how hte vacation weight’s falling off now that I’m back on my usual eating plan. Maybe I peed out a major organ — I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately.
Mood: Again, eerily happy.
Work docket: Fixed Communities. Will do scrapbook, some dining stuff from yesterday. We’re also having pizza for Damon’s Birthday — I have to orchestrate that.
Lunch plans: I’m skipping lunch so I can leave at 1:00 for…
Afternoon plans: The BusinessPerson Special Phillies Game! Our (wildly inconsistant) Phighting Phils (22-18) play the Arizona Diamondbacks (19-21) at 3:05 this afternoon. Going with Mom and John.
Evening: Tidy kitchen/living room. Do laundry. Guild meeting at 10:00. May play Dierdre the Pain a bit before then.

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