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I’m back!

May 13, 2003

I’m back!

Trip was totally fab-u. Lots of wonderful pics to share once I get them prettied up. (God Bless Photoshop). I took copious notes on the Palm Pilot, so a trip report will be coming up shortly. Before the month is through. Swear! I purchased a new webcam, and as I predicted, this one makes me look younger. 😉

So, for today:

Wt: 142.2. Hah! I didn’t gain too much on vacation after all! This stuff will melt away soon. Now if I could only get to 135. Incidentally, I bought a skirt at the Gap yesterday…in a size 6. Six!! I have to dislocate a hip to get it on, but it’s an A-line, so it’s very flattering once it’s up. 🙂
Mood: Trippy/happy/rested.
Work Docket: Static stuff. Also, have to start getting back into the swing of stuff. Maybe work on the recipe script again. I really butchered the new version before I left.
Lunch: David just swung by with $10.00. (I left my wallet at home.) So, I think a Saladworks salad is in order!
Afternoon: Will go food shopping as penance for being rotten, forgetful wife.
Evening: Will work on vacation photos, and maybe swing to Starbucks for a potential “Coffee and Coping” evening with the fam. (I think ‘swing’ is my word of the day!)

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