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February 6, 2003 – morning

February 6, 2003

Wt: 140.4 — I’ve finally broken the 37 lb barrier! Whoo!! This makes…38.4 lbs lost. I really didn’t have much dinner last night, so this can be a fluke. Tomorrow I could easily be 153.2 again. 😉
Mood: Happy, but trying not to get into “Cathy-esque” weight-obsession mood.
Work docket: Communities, Scrapbook, new “Women on the Run” section. Promo the Best of South Jersey ballot.
Lunch plans: I have $10.00 burning a hole in my purse.
Afternoon: unknown
Evening: Promised Mom that we’d go out and look at curtains for her living room tonight. There’s a place in Deptford that sells curtains for a very reasonable price. Maybe they’ll have a tablecloth for my new dining room table!

My legs ache from the treadmill yesterday, which means I’m doing more than I usually do. I really need to keep track of the time I spend running vs the time I spend jogging.

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