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February 6, 2003 – afternoon

February 6, 2003

At work they had a birthday cake for Art at 2:00. I didn’t stay for it — by the time the end of my workday comes, I just want to leave.

Lunched w/David at the Olive Garden. We went to Lone Star first, but we waited to be seated for over 5 minutes without even being acknowledged so we left. I’m getting ballsier in my old age. 😉 Really, though, I’m a stickler for Customer Service. If you can’t get to us for a few minutes, just SAY, “I’ll be with you in a few minutes!” I had the Capellini Pomodoro — only 350 cals and VERY yummy.

Then I ran Dierdre the Pain around Ayan Baqur to hunt. She raked in almost 500,000 pyreals worth of loot, AND is now more than halfway to level 57. I’m wondering if the game was made easier or if my character’s finally maturing.

According to weather.com, it’s going to snow 4-6 inches tomorrow. Another snowy day. This has, by far, been the snowiest, coldest winter I’ve experienced in years.

The six artsy-fartsy designs for the rebuild of the World Trade Center were narrowed down to two artsy-fartsy ones. Um….what’s wrong with buildings looking like — buildings? At least the ones they picked were tall. I

Mom already bought her curtains at Boscov’s, so our outing is cancelled. Which is good, I guess, because I *really* need to go to Genuardi’s. No milk, no drinks, no snacks, no food. No fun. At least I’ll get to see if people really do panic and food shop before a big storm.

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