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January 23, 2003 – morning

January 23, 2003

Wt: 143.3

Mood: Tired

Work docket: Communities, Scrapbook, Job Fair promos, cure cancer, disarm Iraq, the usual.

Lunch: In order to FORCE my lazy a$$ out for lunch, I decided not to bring any at all! Bwahahah…

Afternoon/evening: Didn’t make it to the gym yesterday, so I’ll probably swing that this afternoon. I also need to pick up some medicine and a new sharps container for the dog at Genuardis. Maybe I’ll update my site a bit — adding new banners to the portfolio and even a links page! Or maybe I’ll see if Mom wants to go to Starbucks. (Buy SBUX — support my stock!) It’s just been so freaking cold that once I get home I don’t want to go back out.

Didn’t blog yesterday because yesterday was — uneventful. I’m still feeling unappreciated at work, but at least that’s an issue I can try to improve. I took Dierdre the Pain to the Obsidian Plains in AC. WOW that place is nasty! Unfortunately, I kept fizzling my spells even before being debuffed, so I called it a night early. No point in leaving corpses all around. I’m still tied to the BSD portal, so that’s not bad.

Yesterday I received my order from She She Me. I bought a “Twirty” shirt and Tallulah lipstick and love them both. The order came wrapped in pink tissue paper and ribbon and included a handwritten note of thanks. Maybe I should spend more of my $$ in little ’boutique’ stores.

I also think my Palm cradle here at work is defective. I haven’t been able to sync since Friday. 🙁 So I brought in the one from home (hopefully I have a spare serial port open here) and I’ll buy a new one for home.

That’s all for now, have to get my milk, slap on some makeup and start my day. Ta!

Anyone have an idea why Blogger sometimes doesn’t recognize my line breaks?

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