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January 23, 2003 – lunch

January 23, 2003

A lunchtime post! Haven’t done this in a few days…

Just when the Catholic church should be trying its best NOT to alienate parishoners, they decide to ban eulogies from Mass in the Diocese of Newark. Email the good Archbishop here to express your views. If we didn’t have the opportunity to speak at MomMom’s Mass, it would have had no personal touch at all.

I did get out of here…I drove to Saladworks. I was torn between the Tivoli (pasta, meats, cheeses, pepperoni and a smattering of veggies) and the Garden, which is just veggies and nothing meaty. I compromised with the Garden Deluxe. Veggies on a bed of pasta and lettuce. Bliss! ($6.85)

Tomorrow’s our SuperBowl ‘pigout.’ Accounting, Marketing, and the Rising Star-less Online Department join together in this yearly event. Everyone brings in a dish. I signed up to make Football Shaped cookies. Then I thought, “Cookies? Have you lost your mind? You’re done w/cookies for at least six more months!” So then I was going to make Martha’s Mac-n-Cheese. But there’s no realistic way to reheat it here. Plus I just made it two nights ago and don’t feel like dirtying up four pots again.

So I found a little ditty on MSN.com. Easy to make. Football-themed. Should be a winner. Unfortunately, I can’t find it again. :/ I’ll have to work on that.

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