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January 21, 2003 – morning

January 21, 2003

Wt: 143.3 (will I EVER manage to stay below 143?)
Mood: Unappreciated
Work docket: Today I’m dedicating myself to the recipes database, which I have horribly neglected.
Lunch plans: Brought Lean Cuisine MacNCheese, but am sorely tempted to hit the mall.
Afternoon/Evening: Continue with laundry, maybe make Martha’s MacNCheese for dinner. Ugh. MacNCheese for lunch AND dinner? Well, that’s poor planning. Maybe I’ll just have a salad for lunch.

I’m trying not to be “Sour Grapes” about the Rising Star snub, but it’s very hard when people continually ask why our department was overlooked. I guess rather than tell them the real reasons, I’ll just say we suck. That should shut them up.

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