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January 20, 2003 – evening

January 20, 2003

A rather uneventful day. I did go to the gym — did 1.64 miles in 25 minutes. Also did 12 assisted chinups and 20 stomach crunches. After which I took a shower and decided I wanted to get Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway” but B&N was out! (gasp!) So I consoled myself w/a Toffee Nut Latte. Skipped dinner, which I know is bad, but I wasn’t hungry after the cookies and such.

Played TSO for a bit and started a new Sim — Audrey Rose.
That’s the name of my future daughter, if/when I ever get my act together. She’s a slender redhead. NOW, I go to bed, determined to razzle-dazzle South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper tomorrow.

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