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January 15, 2003 – morning

January 15, 2003

Wt: 143.4 (This is more like it — I wonder what the deal was on Monday?)
Mood: Pleasant
Work docket: Already did Online mall, will work on some more banners for site and update recipe database
Lunch plans: Healthy Choice Penne Pasta — getting tired of staying in
Afternoon/Evening: Gym (for real), clean bathroom, pick up stuff at Genuardi’s AND maybe tweak kimberussell.com a bit. I want to try and boot the frames.

I never did go to Starbuck’s last night, but I did untrain Healing on Dierdre the Pain (very easy quest for a level 55 gimpmage) and for giggles I solo’d the Gift Box quest. Although the golems in the final (mid-level) dungeon were easy one on one (glacial, iron and I think granite) they came in HOARDES at the end. And since NOBODY in AC is mid-level anymore (except moi) I was the only one. I finally gave up and just ran like heck looking for the final chest, being pummelled by golems the whole way. I was at half health when I recalled to Qalaba’r, rock in hand, triumphant. Unfortunately, I got a bunch of crappy gems in return. No Christmas lights. 🙁 As usual, the good stuff is probably only for the high-leveled folks. The Obsidian Knights (my guild, don’tcha know) is running the Aerlinthe quest on Sunday night, so I may tag along. 🙂

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