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January 14, 2003 – evening

January 14, 2003

Spaghetti for dinner. It was good, but I think the portion was WAY too small. 😉 I’ll probably blow it anyway…I read on Jenny’s blog that Starbucks (SBUX — buy the stock — help my retirement!) has a Toffee Nut Latte drink. It’s screaming my name. Tonight. Must…have…it.

I may take Painsy out for a run to start her respecing journey. I’ll hit Maggie’s site first for the skinny. Yes, I cheat on quests. I have no sense of direction, so rather than spend hours lost in a dungeon with my corpses strewn about, I’ll print a walkthrough.

I’ll also delete Dark Age of Camelot from my computer tonight. David’s friend Liz is taking over my account. It’s a shame. I love the Arthurian legend, but I never really got into the game. I really really wanted to.

And by the way, I may have had some ‘fluff’ musical tastes through the years, but at least none of my New Kids on the Block was busted for possession of child porn. >:)

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