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January 15, 2003 – afternoon

January 15, 2003

So I head to Genuardi’s after work…walk in the door w/the groceries in hand. (When I foodshop straight from work I’m always reminded of the old commercial for Enjoli perfume. “I can bring home the bacon….fry it up in a pan….”)

I’m dreaming of nothing more than sitting down and unwinding. Phone rings. It’s John.

“You going to the gym?”

I try to think of a good excuse why I can’t…but come up with none. Damn. I hate when I can’t lie. “Um…yeah? But I just got in…when you going?”

“When you going?”

“Can you give me until 5:00?”

“OK…see ya then.” (You gotta love sibling conversations. I love my brother. He’s so concise. No pretense.)

See you later, ‘unwinding.’ If I get ready now, I can run to Target to see if they have the Chicago CD yet. Yeah. That’s a good bet.

By the way, you can all breathe easier now…they found the lost bubonic plague.

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