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January 09, 2003 – morning

January 9, 2003

Wt: unknown
Mood: Downright miserable
Work docket: Communities done…working on Scrapbook; more redesign search and replace; work on keeping mouth shut
Lunch: HC Chicken and Veggies that I neglected yesterday in favor of a pizza
Evening Plans: Roll up in a blanket and merely exist.

Yesterday sucked. Not in a “this is my worst day EVER” way, but in a “how many MORE ways can things piss me off” way. I learned something at work (South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper) that made me feel unappreciated and unwanted. This morning I have mad cramps and nausea. Happens every few months or so.

I really wanted to call out, but figured if I did, it would be seen as my throwing a fit from yesterday. Because we ALL know that when women express emotions at work other than pleasantly agreeing or silently weeping at {insert reason here}, they’re being bitchy. I hate that. Male colleagues can complain and criticize and disagree with EVERYTHING done by the company. When I do it, it’s “Boy are YOU in a bad mood today.”

BTW…if you ask me who I work for, my answer will be, I work for ME.

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