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January 8, 2003 – morning

January 8, 2003

Am NOT slacking…waiting for some ads to be converted to .gifs

Wt: 143.8 (movin’ down..no thanks to me)
Mood: Apprehensive
Work docket: Customer service page, online mall; conference call at 10:00.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Chicken and Vegetables
Evening plans: John, David and I are going to Dad’s for dinner

Yesterday’s eating plan spun out of control, due to the candies I bought on Monday. I’ve YET to cook any of the quality stuff I bought to cook. I’m so flawed.

In other news, my whole morning routine was shaken to its very foundation when I discovered a NEW product in the milk machine here at “South Jersey’s Best Newspaper.” Dean’s VANILLA flavored Milk! When I was a wee girl, I thought all regular non-chocolate milk was vanilla by default. Although I shied away from Dean’s holiday (vending machine) Egg Nog, I gave the vanilla a shot this morning. It’s pretty good. It tastes like instant vanilla pudding that hasn’t thickened up yet. (I SO need a hobby.)

Last night I actually played Asheron’s Call (Dierdre the Pain) for about 2 1/2 hours. (More bad habits returning). You know…there are other games out there, with better graphics, but none of them can make my mouth go dry like being on Aerlinthe island and being pursued by 2 coral golems, 3 altered drudges, and 4 banderlings while having been debuffed with imperil, feeblemind, bafflement, fire vulnerablility and lightning vulnerablity. AC keeps giving me those “oh crap, gonna DIE!” moments that leave my heart racing. I guess that’s why I keep going back.

OK…back to work. 🙂

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