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Market Tulips

This is a print I bought from Scott Lantz at Pike Place Market.

If I lived in Seattle, or had gone to the market at the beginning of my trip, I’d have bought flowers. This is even better. His website is here.

Michaels is having a sale on its Studio Decor Belmont line of frames. The 5x7s are $4, 8x10s are $6 and 11x14s are $8. I like to stock up on the frames when they go on sale because I have a photo-printing problem. 😉

Seattle 2018

As we did in 2017 and 2016 (I didn’t blog that) WM and I went to Seattle to visit our friends last week. It was a great trip, expensively extended by a day due to a cancelled flight. This post is VERY photo heavy.

Day 1

WM and I have completely different travel aesthetics. I always dress as if I’m headed to a resort, and he dresses as if he’s going to explore ruins. We stand out in crowds.

We paid extra for these exit row seats, and my reward was having 60+ butts in front of my face as they stood directly in my legroom to wait for the bathroom. No bueno.

So many butts.

After a lovely breakfast at Cafe Kopi, we went to the Funko HQ store.

Funko Headquarters store.

I was expecting a little bit more but it was just a store. There was a make-your-own-Funko-Pop area which I was really jazzed about, because I was going to make one that looked like me. But you’re tied down to 2 models, and that day one was a monster and one was Freddy Funko.

I didn’t see any products that I couldn’t have purchased elsewhere. In fact, there were some new ones released at SDCCSan Diego ComicCon that day and I was a little bit miffed to be honest. There were quite a bit of cute photo opportunities and I ended up with a Kenny Omega Pop to go with my tiny collection of pro wrestlers so, all good.

We stopped at Toggle’s Bottle Shop for a beer and I bought a shirt because the logo was too darn cute. Dinner was at Diamond Knot Brewery (many, many breweries in Seattle). I did not buy a shirt but I bought a coconut beer that I regretted later.

And then we went back to the house and I collapsed into bed because we were up at 5am.

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Seattle 2017

Our fifth anniversary was in July and we spent it sitting on a crosscountry flight on our way back from our second trip to Seattle. Not the best way to spend the day, but a great trip to mark the occasion on a whole.

We have friends out there who we’ve known for a long time through our World of Warcraft guild. We went last year, but the happy memories were quickly obliterated by Max’s death (over one year later I still miss you so much my tiny direwolf…) and a broken HVAC. Read More

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