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NJ Renaissance Faire and my first zipline!
New Jersey Renaissance Faire

NJ Renaissance Faire and my first zipline!

This weekend, WM and I headed north to Liberty Lake Day Camp in Bordentown to attend our third New Jersey Renaissance Faire.

This gorgeous and majestic creature is “Sir Angus.” And his horse.

If you live anywhere in NJ and have yet to visit the New Jersey Renaissance Faire, please go give it a try. And you’re like, “Yeah, yeah, Kim. We go to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire every year and it’s huge and amazing!” I know! It is! We go too.

But the NJ one only runs for 3 weekends a year, and it will charm the pants/kilts/pantaloons off of you. It’s smaller, but because of that it’s easier to see everything and catch more performances. It’s more immersive – there are dozens and dozens of costumed staff members along the pathways who will interact with you, if you’d like. It’s less commercial.

For those 3 weekends out of every year, Liberty Lake Camp is transformed into English village of Crossford. What makes Crossford different than your average Shire is that it’s located on some sort of time wormhole that brings different historical personalities there each year. This year Italy’s Borgias made a visit. Last year it was Brunhilde and Vikings, the year before it was Blackbeard, etc.

This gorgeous and majestic creature is Jacques Ze Whipper.

Two years ago we funded their Kickstarter to give them a permanent office and to make the Faire 3 weeks instead of 2. It was probably the best Kickstarter we supported.

We visit, we wander, we attend some performances, we usually watch a blacksmithing demo because BLACKSMITHING!, we buy something stupid, and we come home.

This majestic and gorgeous creature is my amazing husband.

But this year we saw a zip line. I have always wanted to try zip lining. So without much thought we coughed up $15 each and got to zip across Liberty Lake. Despite the woman in front of me’s tale of woe about being stuck on one in Mexico because she was too light (sigh) and someone slamming into her on the way down, I was clipped to the wire, took a tiny step of faith off of the platform and HAD A BLAST!

Video proof, shot by WM:

Ziplining at the NJ Ren Faire from Kimberly Russell on Vimeo.

I felt like I could fly! The straps were comfortable and I felt completely secure the whole way. I am so glad I took that chance. The best part was we got to zipline back across the lake so that we didn’t have to walk allllll the way back to get our stuff. Those were screams of joy, by the way.

This year’s stupid purchase was this tiny axe. I don’t know what to do with a tiny axe. It’s not even sharp.

It’s not sharp so I can’t toss it at things.

Next year, if you’re a proud New Jerseyan (or even a curious Philadelphian) go visit the New Jersey Renaissance Faire.

New Jersey Renaissance Faire

Yesterday we went to the NJ Renaissance Faire in Bordentown. It was held at Liberty Lake Day Camp, and if they had an adult program, I’d totally go there. Despite the blistering 91 degree temperature (which I love, because I love summer) we had a great time. I got to shoot a bow and arrow again, and I’m the only one in my group who actually hit the target. Yes, it was the outer edge of the target. And yes, the other 3 in my group were under the age of 8. You take your wins where you can, people.


We usually go to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, which has a permanent location with permanent buildings and stages, so this one was a new experience. It was smaller, but more intimate. Many of the talent also work at the other Faires in the area, so it was neat to see some familiar faces. A few observations:

The campground was a beautiful place to have the Faire. Lot of shade and there was a breeze off of the teeny lake in the middle. Plus, lots of built-in seating for food and relaxation.

The costumed attendees in NJ were so much more irritating than the costumed attendees in PA. Maybe it’s because this Faire only runs for 2 weeks, or maybe because they draw the Evils from North Jersey*, but when the kids from the camp are volunteering at the food booth, just ask for the darn turkey leg and don’t start your “I shall have a Dragon’s Leg!” and “Dollars? but I only have pence!” nonsense. You have dollars, that’s a turkey leg and you’re not a real fairy/gypsy/wench.

The arielist, Shelli Buttons was amazing and fun. You should go see her.

The merchandise was really great. We could have spent tons of money. I have still not purchased a corset, nor have I dressed up yet.

There was a young man dressed in a suit. WM said he was dressed as The 10th Doctor. I thought he better resembled Harry Styles.

Not a lot of kilts! So disappointing! Luckily, the Celtic Fling is coming up so I’ll get my fill there.

Albannach was performing and you could hear them from anywhere around the Faire!

And one more thing…your right to get all arrogant and snotty about the fact that your dog is a “working dog” ends the moment you put a green tutu on said dog. I can buy a service dog vest too, lady.

The NJ Renaissance Faire also runs next weekend.

*South Jersey rules. That is all.

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