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Old Lady Russell buys glasses the new-fangled way

I bought new glasses last May and although I really do like them, I wanted something a bit more modern and distinctly different than the pair before.

This time I was smart at Lenscrafters and took a photo of my pupillary distance (PD) measurement so I didn’t have to fight them for it. With my prescription and my measurements in hand finally took the plunge and jumped onto Zenni Optical’s website a few weeks ago.

Yes, it took me over six years to get to this point.

The shopping process was incredibly easy. I uploaded a quick selfie from my phone:

selfie, 1/19, iPhone and monitor lighting.

And used Zenni’s try-on feature to go crazy with frames. I usually go for a rectangle shape lens and one color, but this time I wanted to branch out into a different shape and color. I really wanted to try a cats-eye. These were the final 3…

With some help from friend C via Slack, I chose the pair on the far left. I ordered them on January 22nd and they arrived on Friday, February 1!


I was so excited I couldn’t even bother to brush my hair.

WM: They are … glasses.

Fit: The frames fit perfectly. Since they are plastic, Zenni recommends heating them with a hair dryer to adjust if needed. Which is what they do at Lenscrafters. My prescription isn’t complicated, but I do have astigmatism. I had a little concern because my single PDs were 29.2 and 29.3, but Zenni’s single PD dropdown only allowed values that ended in .0 or .5. I rounded them both down to .0. The lenses are absolutely fine for what I need them for, which is everything-but-reading. If I try to read in them, they’re the slightest bit weird. I think that’s where the millimeters would come into play. And as I said, I’m not supposed to read in them anyway.

Cost: The frames cost $9.95. I paid $4.95 for anti-reflective coating and $4.95 for the deluxe eyeglass case because I didn’t know if I would get a case. If I had read the fine print, I would have seen that I did get basic plastic case. Shipping was $4.95. Grand total: $24.80. People, I can DRINK $24.80 on a good (bad?) outing so this is money well spent.

This was not sponsored, by the way. It’s just my experience. As always I’m 100% willing to sell my blog out for a product I like so Zenni! Call me! (makes antiquated phone gesture with thumb and pinky finger)

New glasses!

“Do you know you haven’t been here since August of 2007?” the receptionist at my eye doctor’s office asked me.

Is it sad that my first thought was, “I’ll double-check my blog.” Whaddya know? They were right.

I still don’t need bifocals, and in fact my eyesight improved 2 steps in the slacker left eye and one step in the right one. My brown glasses served me very well, but I was really bored of them. So I went with a splash of color. These are a clear blue plastic frame with a silver accents on the sides. I love ’em!

Now with d-bag Instagram filtering!

My doctor (based at the former shell of the Echelon Mall called Voorhees Town Center) was kind enough to give me 2 separate prescriptions so I could send one away to Zenni Optical and get a cheap spare pair. She told me to ask the optician (I go to Lenscrafters) to give me my pupillary distance measurement for the 2nd prescription.

And he refused! Isn’t that delightful? In a snotty and scolding tone, he said that NJ law prohibits him from giving me my PD if he’s not going to be making the glasses. I’m not a lawyer, but this law (warning:PDF) in subchapter 5, part D states…

(d) If a patient requests that a licensed ophthahnic dispenser release an original prescription, the licensed ophthalmic dispenser shall release to the patient, without charge, the original prescription maintained as part of the licensed ophthalmic dispenser’s records pursuant to (a) above. A licensed ophthalmic dispenser who releases an original prescription shall make a copy of the prescription and maintain this as part of his or her records.

And part (a) says the record contains…

ii. Lenses, such as sphere, cylinder, axis, prism base, add, patient pupillary distance (P.D.), eyeglass pupillary distance (P.S.) and height of segment (Seg) if multifocal, base curve, frame size, eye size, bridge size and temple length;

So unless the guy at Lenscrafters doesn’t count as a licensed ophthahnic dispenser, I think I have a grumpy letter to write.

I went back 10 feet to the doctor’s office and the receptionist told me the optician was just upset because I wasn’t buying the glasses from him. But here’s the deal — I DID buy a pair of glasses from him! I just wanted him to add my PD to the duplicate prescription. She gave me the estimated PD from my exam, but said it’s not exact.

I think the most irritating part is how I behaved. I took it like a good girl. Even when I looked up the above law during the hour I waited for the glasses, I didn’t confront him with the conflicting information. I just accepted. And I really hate that.

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