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Love Your Pet day?

Yes, it’s a real-ish holiday. Like, shouldn’t that be every day? But, any excuse for pet pics I suppose.

Ollie is 11 years old now and after a pretty crummy year medically, has rallied quite well. Lately, Murphy goes outside a lot more than Ollie does, because Murphy has a chronic case of the zooms. Ollie’s zooms days are pretty well behind him.

When it’s rainy or snowy (every day, lately) we’ll towel Murphy off when he comes bounding through the door. After we’re done and Murphy runs away, Ollie is always patiently waiting his turn. Even when he hasn’t been outside at all. Because he LOVES to be toweled off.

And so we towel him off, even when he’s bone dry.

Ollie, our gentle old man.

Murphy is a trip! Whenever I think he’s too much, I think back on what he used to do. “Remember when he’d bark at open cabinet doors? Remember when he’d tear up dollar bills? Remember when he would chew on my office chair?” He’s growing up quite nicely, zooms and all.

His newest trick is something I call “Exorcist” where he’ll sit atop the sofa and turn his head all the way around and rest it on his own rump.

Is he part flamingo????

He is also the SOFTEST dog I’ve had.

Harry the fish who lived is doing well. I never did bring him back to work. It’s better this way. He gets 3 meals a day now, even on the weekends.

He’s hard to photograph, but he’s almost an inch long now!

They are soft and slobbery and sometimes stinky, but they’re the best pair of dogs on Earth.

Murphy and Ollie, 2019

How much do I love my pets? I put their names on any fundraiser flag I can…no matter what day it is.

(sorry, Harry)

If PJ Whelihan’s ever gets rid of their Sweet Chili wings I will be heartbroken. And thinner.

Currently, procrastination edition

Updating: Blog header, Blog Facebook Page image, colors, etc.

Delaying: Yoga. I’ll give it to you straight, Yoga with Adriene is killing me with this year’s 30 Day program. It seems harder and longer (TWSS) than previous years. I skipped Day 2 so I’m a day behind. My strategy is “give it one more day.” Hoping to “one more day” myself ’til the end.

Not sweating: Because I’m back on my beloved “Work from Home Monday” schedule. It’s nice on a Sunday night knowing I can sweatpant my way through the first day of the work week. I’m excited because someone at TNP sent me a database of urban vs rural vs suburban zip codes and I’m going to see where our constituents are! I might even create a chart!
(Shaddup. I find this exciting.)

The beginning of my 2019 work Bullet Journal.

I’m also going to build two awesome Crystal Reports. Yeah, you’re jealous! I’ll be at TNP seven years at the end of this month and each year I learn to do more and more.

Watching: WM play Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s violent but the story is so compelling. Like the first game (which comes later in the timeline, life is confusing) the end was tragic. WM finished it while I was at work. He said he was glad I didn’t see it because it was sad. Because I hate myself, I looked up the end on Youtube and cried.

I’m also watching this guy:

(he’s actually less than 1cm wide)

We have a fish tank in our department at TNP. Petsmart told us all of our fish were female; however, in October we found this little guy hiding among the plants. He (?) isn’t big enough to be in the tank with the other fish because the filter will suck him up. I brought him home over the holiday break because we thought he was too small to use an automatic feeder with. WM has named him Harry – the fish who lived.

Between you and me, Reader, he might not be brought back to the office. I’m pretty attached to him and he seems to be enjoying the sunny spot in our kitchen. WM has always talked about getting an aquarium …


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