Saturday morning blogging

April 15, 2023

WM found my water bottle. It was on a chair that we never use and slid behind the quilt that’s tossed onto the chair. I’m thrilled to be back to drinking water in the style of 2018.

shelves with a bunch of fake plants and tchotchkes on them
I redid my over-desk shelves for spring. This has nothing to do with my post.

Nephew A’s birthday (NINE?) is tomorrow and in a quest to be Best Aunt I went to the local collectible card/tabletop gaming store to buy a Pokemon Elite Training Box. After I parked at the shopping center, I realized that the store is in what once was my bowling alley. The bowling alley from my high school bowling days. The bowling alley that hosted many screwy evenings with friends and more than one date. I knew the alley closed but for a few moments I felt as old as the mountains.

But the past is the past and the present is where I live so Aunt Methuselah bought her training box and returned home.

But the real reason I’m blogging on a Saturday morning is that my WordPress to Twitter integration finally broke and now I’m crawling back to IFTTT to see if I can build a successful connection.

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