Read: Bridgerton Series #1 and #2

March 5, 2023
covers of the first two bridgerton books

Dearest Readers,

Like many, I watched the Bridgerton program on Netflix. I adored Season 1 (Daphne/Simon) but did not finish Season 2 (Anthony/Kate) because the slow burn was too slow.

For the last few years reading has been difficult for me to concentrate on and make time for, so I figured I’d tuck into the first two Bridgerton books to see how they held up next to the show. And, gentle reader, know that I’m not one to make these sweeping proclamations; however,


I did (and do) enjoy the show, but I almost wish it was a stand-alone program with entirely differently named characters. Because many of the characters are completely different critters from their book versions. ShowDaphne is gorgeous and the “Diamond” of her debut year. She expertly plays and writes music and everyone adores her. BookDaphne is in her second season, a bit of a wallflower, and kind of plain. ShowAnthony is a complete asshole for the majority of season one and part of season two, trying to marry Daphne off to a jerk and trying to nab Edwina as a bride just to check boxes off of his to do list. BookAnthony is much kinder and has an easy relationship with his siblings. ShowEdwina is merely a pretty squishmallow but BookEdwina is smart and funny and perceptive.

I understand that you need more than one plot to move a television program along, but without the extra drama of Queen Charlotte (who doesn’t exist in the books so far), the Featheringtons, and Lady Whistledown’s identity, the book allowed me to spend more time with the couples and their families, which is all I really wanted.

Although I do miss the sexy boxer from Season 1.

Three stars for both books.

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