March 2022 Extras

April 4, 2022

Some photos and thoughts from March that were thin for their own blog posts…

This is the phone game of the moment and was my PC game of choice in the early 2000s back when Flash games were a thing. I had to pay $19.99 to shoo the ads away so I can play as much as I want.


I enjoy hard boiled eggs right at the spot when they are completely firm inside but before they get the green tinge around the yolk. I have legendarily been terrible at boiling eggs which is weird, right? Because it’s supposed to be easy. Two weeks ago I angrily (because we have far too much clutter in this house) bought this uni-tasking appliance and it happily gives me perfect eggs.

Be careful, though, because once it gets going it’s hard to see where the steam pours out of the lid and it’s very hot.

hamilton beach egg cooker
“Your perfect eggs, madam…”

Bridgerton is back and like last year I am watching one episode a week to stretch it out. I’m not a binge watcher. This season focuses on the older son, Anthony, and his quest to find a wife. I’m two episodes in so far and it’s a bit boring. Last year was much more scandalous and in a quest to make Anthony more likeable, they made some strange character changes. Last year Anthony LOVED somebody and this year he’s all “what is love?*” This may be addressed in future episodes.

Call me Lady Kimberly Anne-with-an-E of the Cool Ranch, please.

*baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more

Speaking of 2000s nostalgia, I bought a pair of Clippy earrings.

clippy earrings
You look like you’re an eccentric middle aged woman, would you like some help?”

And I think they’ll go really well with this silver and pearl necklace I bought for myself. It’ll go with anything from tshirts to formal dresses and will hopefully last me forever.

silver necklace with one large pearl
Chonky but delicate, like me!

I realize this is becoming a things I bought in March post, which isn’t the intent. Here are some things that aren’t purchases:

I’m making big salads for lunch lately with a lemon vinaigrette.

This was too many onions for me, though.

I started going back to the office one time a week, which has been a boon to my mental health.

smiling at work
I was the only person on that side of the office, so I didn’t wear a mask.

I don’t know when TNP is bringing us back in officially. I’ve said this before, but I hope all of the people who want to continue to work remotely have the opportunity to do so. The flip side of that is that the people who want to go back in shouldn’t be ridiculed for wanting to do so.

The NYTimes crossword puzzle streak is at 1, DuoLingo is a vague memory, Wordle is fun, Worldle is tortuous.

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