Angry Man Farm 22 – the deep freeze

March 31, 2022

Of course, of course, as soon as I felt cocky and thought “hmmmm….I can plant some cold weather crops like garlic and lettuce outside!” on Sunday we plunged back into temperature lows in 20s and snow squalls. Of course. will I ever learn? WILL I?

Bitmoji of Kim with the words "How about NO"
My Bitmoji.

So on Sunday we scrambled to cover up the lettuce and garlic with a bed of leaves and a plastic cover that we kept down with branches from the yard. Not doing yard work all winter paid off!

plastic and leaves covering part of the garden bed
Primitive, but functional.

It’s not going down past freezing for at least the next week so yesterday we pulled up the protective covering and it worked!

The lettuce

tiny lettuce sprouts
Tiny lettuce sprouts, still alive!

and the garlic

garlic starts

are still alive!

Here is the state of the rest of the seedlings, snug in their garage hideaway and being nurtured with artificial lighting and heating pads.

seedlings in the garage, underneath plant lights and on top of heat pads.

This is why I was desperate to clean up that garden table. This morning I moved the tomatoes in the yogurt containers out into the greenhouse for a few days to take advantage of the mild weather.

tomatoes in the greenhouse

ST = SuperTasty hybrid, and BOD = Bodacious variety. Eating yogurt pays off. Just drill some holes in the bottom of the pots first before you plant in them.

This weekend I think I’m going to put the rest of the tomatoes into the larger pots and start flowers inside.

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