Spring Break Wrapup!

April 11, 2021

I have amassed a staggering amount of PTO at work; therefore, this week was my own personal Spring Break. I took off the same week that WM had off from school and even though we didn’t travel anywhere, we still had a great time. I’m of an age now where I find odd organizing jobs fun, so keep that in mind. Here are some highlights for posterity…

I went and had my hair done by Sarah and I’m so happy with how it looks. A while back I was trying to keep my hair close to its natural color, and then I swore off dyeing it forever, but I’m glad that I backtracked on both of those decisions. I know ash blond is the thing now, and I know that my color is more more gold than ashy, but I don’t look good with ash blond hair.

me, during and after my hair color
I have a LOT of hair.

On the least-breezy day I spray painted a black outdoor table to go with my emerging tropical themed patio. This was my first try with spray paint and I have learned a very dangerous skill.

the before and after of an old outdoor table. It was black, now it's blue!
No runs, no drips, no errors!

We went to the library! I missed it so much. I also read two books this week, but more on that Tuesday. I think a lot of that reading had to do with the amazing weather we had. I missed reading outside.

the classic 'book that I'm reading propped up against my leg' shot
I liked this one!

WM built a new 4 foot x 4 foot garden bed and refurbished the herb beds again. We just need some more soil and we’ll be set for summer.

Four raised garden beds.
I think this completes the garden.

I cleaned up my gardening table in the garage. There is no before because it SORELY needed it.

an almost-pristine table with flower pots and other garden supplies around it
This is after I tossed dozens of old plastic plant pots.

I reset dozens of my internet passwords and set them all up in LastPass. This was not a fun or glamorous task, but it was needed because when you can’t remember passwords, you either pick simple ones or you start writing them down. I changed the tail lights on our Jeep, which always makes me feel like a superhero. I did end up skipping movie night on Friday, but ended up watching The Sword in the Stone yesterday with a subset of the movie night gang. I’m almost finished with a Data Viz class because I certainly know how to party on my own Spring Break.

And this afternoon I organized the big hall closet, using clear plastic bins to organize items so that pulling out the toilet bowl cleaner bottle doesn’t result in an avalanche every week. I finally took out the closet bar, which had been bothering me for almost 6 years but only today did it bother me enough to find a screwdriver. And I have more smart plugs and extension cords than I ever thought. And note to Merlin: “Higitus Figitus” doesn’t work to empty out a closet.

And spent lots of time with these two craven beggars.

two dogs begging for my lunch
are u eating? can we have what u are eating? is it meat? i like meat.

The only goals I didn’t accomplish was upgrading our router and cable box at Comcast and calling to set up the routine service of our central air.

Tomorrow we are both back to work, but nice weather means more work in the ‘outside annex.’

My next week off is at the end of June, running up into July 4.

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