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Long Thanksgiving Weekend

December 4, 2019

TNP closed at 1pm the day before Thanksgiving which is fantastic. The lovely Kristen (and her husband who doesn’t read my blog) hosted this year in their new house. Our job was to make and deliver…

  • My herby homemade bread. That recipe is here and I used fresh rosemary and sage from my garden in it and it’s amaaazing. Mine never comes out that brown though and I *think* it’s because I need a bread stone.
  • Mashed potatoes. WM makes these and we stick pretty closely to Mark Bittman’s recipe. We made 10 pounds for five adults, a 5-year-old who didn’t eat any of them, and a toddler. We brought a lot home.
  • And maple glazed carrots. Another Bittman recipe that I love.

The cranberry sauce came in a can, as God intended.

Kristen cooked the turkey and it was PHENOMENAL. WM carved it and it did a Martha Stewart Living cover-worthy job. And Nephew A requested I sit at the kiddie table, so what could I do?

kim sitting at a table much too small and removed from the other adults
Wine at the kiddie table. As one does.

It breaks my heart to cut Nephews A and B out of these photos, because they’re so cute. Here’s one I can use..

Nephew A wearing WM’s Indiana Jones hat.

On Friday Mom and I hit the shops and crossed names off of the list. We don’t go out at 6am anymore since the stores open at midnight.

trunk full of bags
No peeking!

My brother turned 40(!!) on December first. On November 30, the lovely Kristen tossed him a surprise party. I had the daunting task of getting him there, which I did awkwardly but effectively.

Back in the same decade of life for the next 3 years.

And on Sunday we went out to dinner to celebrate John’s ACTUAL birthday. I only could eat half of my sandwich because I had been eating for four days straight.

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