Refrigerator Saturday

November 16, 2019

(typed while watching a cheesy PBS Christmas music program)

Anyone who bakes regularly knows how valuable freezer butter is.

I woke up today on a mission to SET THINGS RIGHT. I haven’t been the best housekeeper lately, because all I want to do is eat and hit the sofa. And my house reflected that. Today I went into the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, hand washed the overflow (so much overflow), scrubbed the cabinets, scrubbed the sink, burned a candle and began to get my house back in order. Tomorrow I tackle the pantry.

Today also marks the first time EVER I managed to get some food together for the annual Boy Scout food drive. Here in NJ, Scouts leave plastic shopping bats on front doors on the second Saturday of November. The instructions are simply (if you choose to participate) simply to put food in the bag, and leave the bag on your doorstep the following Saturday. In former years, I usually …
> recycle the bag with the rest of the plastics, or
> keep the bag out but forget about it for weeks, or
> put food in the bag and forget to put it out
But not today! Today I filled the bag and had it outside before 9am. BOOM.

Tonight, our new refrigerator was delivered! It’s only slightly larger than the old one, but the freezer is larger. I’m giddy because now I can start freezing cookie dough for Christmas!

I’m really leaning into Christmas this year. I’m ahead of the game this year, a beneficial side effect of sitting on the sofa every night.

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