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January 7, 2016

I was wondering if after all these years
You’d like to meet, to go over everything

First Christmas in our new home.

First Christmas in our new home.

When last she left you, your authoress was excited about posting every day in November. And life said, “yeah right…” Let’s rewind to November and December…

  • This site suffered a slew of spammy attempts to log into the WordPress admin panel. The attacks were causing my site to take up too much CPU resources on the server I share with other sites. I had to work with my host, Lunarpages, to batten down the hatches. This went on for weeks. I think (hope?) it’s calmed down now.
  • I had the remnants of my tooth pulled out and the gums stitched up.
  • Ollie had dental surgery – teeth cleaning and a bunch of extractions.
  • I had a doctor appointment that, while not bad, wasn’t what I wanted to hear.
  • On the night before Thanksgiving, my aunt collapsed. She died on December 3. My family isn’t large. I only had two aunts and an uncle. Now I have one aunt left. It’s very sobering that death in my parent’s generation is no longer a fluke but a regularity. I’m still gutted. Her funeral was mid-December.
  • I emotionally limped through the holidays.

And here I am. Back to work and (faking) back to life. Blowing the dust off of the blog again.

Current mood: Until then we have to muddle through somehow….

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