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Friday Five: Fireday Five

May 31, 2014

I know. It’s Saturday. But it’s a different kind of Saturday as I’m currently on an airplane heading to Spring Business Trip 2014 – which happens to be in Las Vegas!

And I’m on the internet. This life, it’s so cool.

I’m in Vegas until late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, when I take a red-eye flight home. I’ll land on Wednesday afternoon, drive home, and pass out with my pile of pets.


I figured you were due for something other than a picture of my dogs.

I don’t have many definitive plans. I’m connecting with an old friend from college. He invited me to his home for dinner and I’ll get to meet his wife and daughters. Then he’s going to be kind enough to drive me back to the airport. There is a giant Ferris Wheel that I’ll be taking advantage of. And the hotel has a magnificent pool surrounded by palm trees.

In between all of that I’ll be standing at TNP’s table at a Big Meeting, trying to get people to fill out a survey for us. Stuff like that used to be completely out of my comfort zone. These days it’s fun.

So here’s the Friday Five, themed around Fire.

1. What kind of campfire experience do you have?

Zero. I’ve never been camping. I have no desire to sleep outside and rough it.

2. How are you with a charcoal grill?

Adequate, I guess. It’s been a while but from what I remember, it’s not as difficult as all of the books and TV shows want you to think it is.

3. What was the occasion for which you last lit a candle?

On days when I’m home and WM is not, I light lavender and vanilla candles to give the apartment a more spa-type ambience.

4. What food, usually consumed cooked, do you prefer raw? (Alternate question: What food, usually consumed raw, do you prefer cooked?)

I love raw potatoes. Just peel’em and slice them up. Yum. As for the alternate question, I only eat cooked sushi.

5. What was the occasion for your last getting all fired up?

So I’m on my way to Vegas, right? And I shipped the box with all of the materials in it (brochures, pamphlets, giveaways, etc) on Tuesday by FedEx’s 3-day delivery service. It was supposed to be delivered to the hotel yesterday by 4:30pm. Instead, it spent an entire day in Memphis, and is now at a “local FedEx facility” in Las Vegas. Three-day delivery doesn’t include Saturday delivery so there is a chance that the box won’t show up until Monday.

The meeting starts tomorrow and if the box doesn’t appear, I have a few stacks of things and THAT’S ALL. Not even a tablecloth. I’m fired up about that. I can’t call FedEx because I’m … 30,000 miles over somewhere … so I emailed my manager with the tracking number to see if he can call.

Actually, my fingers are crossed that the local facility is somehow IN my hotel. I dunno.

PS – if you are in the Harrisburg area, are married to a guy named Chris who does some sort of call center support, and your mother-in-law is a retired teacher who flew out to Minneapolis today…she think you have too many piercings and “worries about my future grandchildren growing up with that.” I sat behind her today. She’s a prize.

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