The Number of the Mouse

March 30, 2014

We have a trip to Walt Disney World coming up, and I gotta tell ya, Disney’s spending mucho bucks in order to track how many churros I consume in a five-day period.

Oh noes! Worse than the NSA!

Oh noes! Worse than the NSA!

Our room keys, park passes and FastPass+es are/will be connected to these bracelets, called MagicBands. All we’ll have to do to get around the park is hold up our wrists in a slack-jawed and zombie-like manner. I can manage that. I also think this bracelet will serve as our PhotoPass card. We’ll even be able to connect our credit card and a PIN to the bracelet so that we’ll be able to make purchases in the same passive manner. We’re not sure about that. I don’t want to make it THAT easy for myself. But yeah! Take away my worries of losing either my hotel room key, my park ticket, my photo pass card, my FastPass slips, or my debit card while I’m in the park.

With every change WDW has made to the theme park system, there has been a bit of push-back* but I seriously don’t care. Why? Because M. Mouse, NSA agent, already knows how often I visit, the type of passes I buy, the hotels I prefer to stay at, the attractions I get FastPasses for, and the purchases I make. This just links all of that data together.


* Example 1 : Napkins, Example 2: Closing pools after lifeguard hours end, Example 3: Refillable mugs (thread from 2006!)

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