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When Kickstarters fail

September 8, 2013

I’ve contributed to three Kickstarters — two from Penny Arcade which of course made their goals. And one to an independent game designer who raised over 3x the original goal 2 years ago and has yet to deliver the goods.

I don’t think the designer’s EVER going to deliver*, but that’s part of the risk of Kickstarter. I check every now and then to see if progress is being made* and yesterday I found this lovely comment from a fellow backer:


Mean? Totally. But that’s about how I feel right now.

Edited to add: I meant to put this link in here too — this designer is happy his kickstarter failed because he learned more about the process by starting small and using his own money.

* If it’s taken over twice as long to get anything out of this, then I wonder how far behind they’d be if they only had the original funding goal.

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