Purses for fall and winter

September 3, 2013

(aka: more proof I am not a fashion blogger)

Now that sucky fall is upon us with its dead leaves, cold soaking rains* and the rise of the Pumpkin Cabal, it’s time for me to change out the handbags. Some ladies coordinate bags with outfits. Not me! I have two regular bags: work and weekend. The work bag has to be roomy and easily washable. The weekend bag can be smaller, but equally easy to wash. And both should be below $100.

Because I’m a cheap slob. (that’ll be a great fashion blog title!)

Here is the current “work” bag for fall/winter:

Expertly styled against my beige metal cube wall

Expertly styled against my beige metal cube wall

Yup. It’s a vinyl Disney bag, with a subtle studded Mickey head. I like this size because it can hold my wallet, nook, iPad & umbrella along with a small makeup bag and the 72 receipts I seem to always carry. Unfortunately, it’s seen better days, as evidenced by the cracking along the bottom. I hope to replace this with a genuine Disney Vera Bradley bag if I can get one from their online store or from eBay without being ripped off.

And this is the fall/winter “weekend” bag:

Expertly styled on my lap in my car. I have matching keychains, one for each bag.

Expertly styled on my lap in my car.

I saw this bag on a woman at my train station in the spring and wanted it ever since. But unfortunately, it seems to be discontinued. I bought this one NWT (new with tags) from eBay. It’s a bit heavier than I’m used to for weekend wear, but it looks darn cute with jeans and boots.

The Disney puzzle piece keychains are part of a set — WM has the other pieces clipped to his work bags.

*There is a reason Axl Rose didn’t name his dreary epic song “June Rain.”

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