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August 13, 2013

I received an envelope in the mail today emblazoned with “10.01.13 – AN EPIC EVENT IS COMING TO NEW JERSEY” and featuring photos of healthy multicultural (and uninsured) young people. I thought it was promoting some sort of 5K that I’ll laugh at or maybe a festival. But no. It’s Health Care Reform, kids! It’s coming to my Garden State!

Good. Everyone should have access to medical care and nobody should have to go broke because they get sick.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Are you required to get health insurance?”
“Yes, but don’t worry. We’ve created a website…blah blah blah”

Oh, I’m sure everyone will follow the law and get health insurance! Just like all parents buy their kids school supplies and teachers’ spouses never have to drop $100s at Office Depot so they can buy notebooks for kids who own iPhone 5s and $250 sneakers, but can’t find $20 a year for school supplies.

This happy letter came from Horizon Blue Cross. They even had a special URL for me : GoNJReady.com/Kimberly

And get this…the website welcomed me by my very own super-unique and not-popular-at-all name!

So custom! So clever! So … hackable.





Go to GoNJReady.com/YourNameHere for fun. If you want a space in your name, use %20, like this:


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