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Whatever happened to predictability?

February 10, 2013

Where are mah scrunchies?

Where are mah scrunchies?

(searching through Kohl’s sales flyer)

Me: Want a pair of Aqua shorts?
WM: No. I don’t think I will ever wear a pair of aqua shorts
Me: Oh, come on. You can get this outfit, I’ll get the lady’s outfit and we’ll pretend we’re “Full House” cast members.
WM: No.
Me: How rude!

Inside Baseball:
Most of the online sales flyers you see are powered by a Gannett-owned company called ShopLocal. It was also supposed be used for local newspaper ads, which was a colossal failure because many newspaper ads are for services (oil changes, gutter cleaning, “happy endings” massages) and not the product/price ads that ShopLocal was built to display. Plus people buying space in the paper wanted their own space, and an online catalog of local sales only gives you that “space” if someone searches for and finds your product. The implementation of ShopLocal probably took about a year off of my life. (The Daily Deals program took about 3 years off, but that’s another post.) I’m glad ShopLocal found their footing though. Their interface now is very elegant.

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