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Friday 5: Tired car metaphors

November 30, 2012

Look, ma, I’m on a blog roll! (And maybe one of your blogrolls, if that word still exists.)
It’s Friday and I have NOTHING PLANNED! I’m running around in elastic waist pants ready to tap into some hazelnut vodka that I only can get in Michigan.

My car after the December 2010 snowstorm

This weekend our only set plan is to meet the clan at a restaurant for my brother’s birthday tomorrow. I also want to get some cookie dough frozen. No cam…the kitchen in this apartment’s not set up for something like that at all, unfortunately.

Vrroom! Vroom! It’s time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is Tired Car Metaphors. Speaking of car, mine hit the 110,000 mile mark on our trip back from Michigan. May it give me 90,000 miles more.

1. What area of your life has lately (and pleasantly) been on cruise control

Finances. Although my debt free by 40 plan didn’t pan out (math isn’t my strong suit), we’re paying things off little by little and within the next year all of the stupid credit card debt I accrued in 2007 should be gone. We’ve been paying everything with cash since 2008 and still have some cash to toss around. (Glares at the 110K car mentioned above.) Next week I’m going to start the process to roll my Gannett 401(k) into an IRA.

2. Where in your life should you probably hit the brakes?


3. Where do you go when you just need a little tune-up?

Bed? I used to want to go to spas all the time, but they’re pricey.

4. How much junk have you got in the trunk?

It has its own social security number. See question 2.

5. Where is the needle on your fuel gauge pointing today?

I have an eighth of a tank left. My little alarm is binging. But that’s okay. I’m home and surrounded by a flock of loving mammals. Ready to recharge.

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