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Stupid Beading Tricks: Sorting

September 3, 2012

I haven’t managed to create ONE stupid thing since before the wedding. I blame married life for sapping away all of my creativity. And the more I look at beading sites and Pinterest, the more I think I’m a talentless hack.

So to reacquaint myself with my beads, I decided to clean up my trays. Meaning, sort them by color. Every. Bead.

Fact: Every Facebook status is funnier if you fit in the word “slobbering.”

It’s taken me about 2 1/2 weeks, but I’m finished. And I now have 5 color trays instead of 4. 🙂

Purple, blue, green & yellow

Red, pink, orange, brown

Black, white, and 3 shades of gray.

WM heads back to school tomorrow. I’m very thankful and grateful that he has a job to go back to. This is in mostly due to Governor Pancakes-(R) frightening a bunch of teachers into retirement. My feelings on this are very mixed. Because we knew he had a job to go back to, our summer was laid-back and worry free. If you’re keeping track, this was our first worry-free summer. Here’s to many more.

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