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Stupid Beading Tricks: The New Orleans Bracelets

April 29, 2012

While in New Orleans, we found a shop in the French Quarter that sold strands of beads. No, not boob-flashing beads*, REAL beads! So I bought a string of fluorite because they were purple and green just like the many pieces of New Orleans merchandise I saw. Then in a jewelry shop, I purchased a pair of New Orleans Mask earrings.

Our booth at the show was very well-attended and because I never packed for an exhibit booth before, I didn’t pack enough swag. Two of my coworkers back at the office helped out and shipped us 2 more boxes. Because of this (and because they’re genuinely nice people – have I mentioned how I love my new job at TNP?) I wanted to give them a little more than just a small souvenir.

From the supplies I purchased and the embarrassing amount of supplies I have on hand, I created two bracelets!

I’m trying to vary the types of materials I use in my jewelry more and dabbling in asymmetry. I’m a very symmetrical (simple) designer, so it’s hard. Both bracelets were well-received (and worn…not just the day I brought them in, either!) so I guess they were a success! I also made a pair of “French Quarter” style earrings for the coworker who traveled with me. They’re not pictured because I stink at blogging anymore.

I have more fluorite left and I’m working on a necklace with those beads, some decorative jump rings and a purple ceramic pendant.

* Nope, my girls did not come out to play on Bourbon Street. Too many cell phone cameras these days!

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