I love the Internet

A tribute to webcomics

November 1, 2011

I love the Internet. I really do! One of the things that the Internet has given me is a broad supply of new comics to read! I especially enjoy Girls with Slingshots, NPC Comic, Two Lumps, Natalie Dee and Married to the Sea. (some of the above NSFW, language)

But for every professional, dedicated web comic artist there are hundreds who call themselves comic artists but fall short on the dedication scale. For example, there’s a weekly webcomic that I used to follow that lets weeks go by without updating. It hasn’t been updated since August 8th and there is always a comical excuse for why it hasn’t been updated. (Yet, the tip jar remains open).

Anyway, I found a site called stripgenerator.com which let me create this tribute to the lazy webcomic artists everywhere…

I’m an artist!! by lazyartist

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