Oh no she di'int!

From my cell phone!

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(note: If you’re pathetic like and are over a year behind in watching Grey’s Anatomy, this may spoil things for you.

Hold the phone! Why is Meredith’s Alzheimer-stricken Mama kissing the Chief? OMG! Were they involved? Jeebus!

Lately, my lunches have consisted of me parking somewhere and watching Gray’s Anatomy on my iPod in my car. I’m way back in Season 2. Far before Izzy tried to kill her boyfriend so he could be put higher up on the transplant list. (that’s the episode that hooked me) Far before Meredith fell into a lake and almost froze to death.

And FAR before tonight’s episode that I happened to catch the last 15 minutes of. Which was the season finale, by the way. Which completely spoiled the joy I was finding in watching Cristina and Burke become a couple. Well, the heck with THAT! Why is a show finishing up at 10:15pm anyway? Gah.

I think I’m skipping Happy Hour tomorrow in favor of cuddling up on the sofa and watching Clerks.

Or more Gray’s Anatomy. I want to be Bailey’s BFF.

(12th daily post in a row. My brain is dying.)


  • Fox is just as bad about show-ending times – I turn to watch House promptly at 9pm every Tuesday evening, and what do I get? The last five minutes of screeching and warbling from American Idol.

  • Now I remember about Christina. Sorry I mislead you. Apparently my memory is just basically useless. 🙂 I’m so behind on Grey’s – John and I have about five or six episodes, at least, taped to watch of this season, including the spin-off set up and the season finale. It’s hard to avoid all the Grey’s talk on the internet, too!

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