promise me this

June 2, 2006

If I’m ever stricken with a disease.. let’s call it **DISEASE**…please do not parade around wtih the appropriately colored ribbon. Please do not put that magnetic ribbon on your car.

And, mostly, please do not put a “Somebody I love has **DISEASE**” bumper sticker on your car. Because that would totally embarrass me.

Also, please don’t buy a Christmas ornament with my disease symbol on it for me.

Because, if I ever am un/lucky enough to be a Breast Cancer Survivor…I do NOT want to look at that ornament on my tree and say, “Ah yes…I remember the Christmas of 20XX so well…the nausea, the baldness, the loss of a boob.”

Where does one draw the line between supporting a cause (giving to charity, doing laundry for a sick friend, making food for their family if they’re under the weather, etc) and going over the top (wrapping yourself in pink ribbons, shaving your head for support, making your kids run into streets with cans to collect)?

Shouldn’t the focus be more on the person fighting the disease than the one with the bumper sticker? So if I get **DISEASE**, all I ask is that you be my friend and bring lots of food.

(disclaimer: I am not ill…just tired of the magnetic ribbons and bumper stickers)

Navel Ring Update: It’s quite the hit so far. Sore today, though, and catching on my skirt a bit. I don’t regret it for a second. Even when Shawn told me that they pierce navels with a hollow needle.

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