April site stats

May 14, 2006

In April, this site averaged 341 visits and 543 page views per day. That’s a small dropoff from March (I didn’t blog as much) but in April 2005 those numbers were 135 and 233, and in April, 2004 they were 58 and 80. So I’m pleased.

Here are the popular search terms for April. As always, MP stands for a beloved nanny from a novel and a Disney movie, EG is a (now WWE Hall of Fame) deceased wrestler, and AT is Jerry Rice’s partner from Dancing with the Stars.

  1. MP – that Halloween costume will never die.
  2. ladygypsy – makes sense
  3. how did EG die – old news
  4. AT pics – Nyet!
  5. kim turberville – a bit creepy, but makes sense
  6. MP wallp- – no! not here!
  7. turberville kim courier post – this is most likely my paper’s parent company trying to find me. I keed! I keed!
  8. furniture commercials – very strange. the only posts that these refer to were back in January, 2003 when I talked about watching Super Bowl Commercials and made reference to buying furniture
  9. MP pict-
  10. MP-
  11. AT
  12. EG
  13. EG stats
  14. freezer burn – thanks for reminding me. I’m throwing away good money on a domain name and not doing anything with it
  15. hershey park – I want to go back this year.
  16. hulk hogan – This post made me laugh.
  17. mrs incredible – why thank you!
  18. nikki zeno – why thank you!
  19. phil mickelson showgirl – I’m laughing too hard to figure this one out.
  20. baron von plaque – this is me playing around

PS: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 🙂

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  • dr. dave May 17, 2006 at 8:25 pm

    RYN: And I’ll be wearing a TIE under the robes too… *wink wink*