Statistics – March 2006

April 12, 2006

Average visits to per day

March 2005: 129
February 2006: 250
March 2006: 334

Let’s break out the math-fu. That’s a 33.6% increase over February, and a 158.9% increase over this month last year! This is getting way creepy! Again, welcome to everyone new! I’m finding a bunch of new blogs to read via the comments. 🙂

I’m Kim, your hostess and authoress of this humble site, whic is composed mostly of a blog. I have an about me page up and running. It’s incomplete, but then again, so am I.

I also realized that the more I post the ‘search terms’ each month, the more often I’ll get linked from these terms. But it’s too funny not to, so I’m going to use abbreviations. All MP entries refer to my aborted Halloween costume idea of 10/05 – which was Mary Poppins. All EG entries refer to my eulogy to late wrestler Eddie Guerrero, wherein I mispelled his last name.

  1. MP
  2. MP wallp-
  3. ladygypsy — hey, that’s me!
  4. how did EG die
  5. midway airport – I flew into there a few times last year.
  6. nikki zeno – VERY interesting! This was a result of a comment left on last month’s statistics roundup by Zeno of Halfway There, a very interesting blog even though the math hurts my head.
  7. MP chimn-
  8. %22MP%22
  9. anna trebunskaya – ah…my Dancing with the Stars girl-crush
  10. anna trebunskaya pics – none here
  11. %22MP%2-
  12. EG
  13. lady gypsy – me!
  14. – you found me, okay?
  15. mary poppins ima-
  16. storm runner – Um…I think that’s a rollercoaster at Hershey Park.
  17. wallpapers mary-
  18. %22MP-
  19. beagle sneaker – we welcome the arrival of young Chipper on the blog!
  20. calories mcdonalds shamrock shake – Heh. This pops up every February/March. FYI, I had NO shamrock shakes this year.

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