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vegas- night 3

April 6, 2006

From the PhoneCam!

Originally uploaded by ladygypsy.

Penn and teller were fantastic! I’ve loved these guys for a long time. The front row seats were great! BvP got to choose a card from Teller (who does speak, but quietly and without a mic). Not giving the trick away…but we got to keep the card. (note how BvP getting a card turned into ‘we’ getting to keep the card). Penn and teller signed autographs and took photos after the show. Look for 2 photos of me with a dopey starstruck grin upon our return.

Lunch was at bobby flay’s mesa grill at caesars. Seems like we’re doing the food network tour.

note to the person(s) trying to burgle my house…once my housesitter found that you left our back door wide open we have one of my off-duty cop friends staying there ’til we get back. i’m wearing all the jewelry I own and all of our spare cash is now owned by a bunch of las vegas casinos. so really…can’t you pick on one of the nicely landscaped homes that have a pool?

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