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Day off!

February 16, 2006

From the PhoneCam!

Day off!
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Dealing with some nonblogables…routine stuff. While I wait i’m reading ‘the world is flat’ which so far is the book that picks up where wdw’s spaceship earth leaves off (and what SE should be covering.)

I’ve torn through 50 pages in 30 minutes. Book and coffee before 8 am. Love days off…no matter what the circumstances.

Speaking of nonblogables…that’s why my blog is in a rut. I can’t blog about work – people at work read my blog. I can’t blog about a lot of my concerns…because the objects of those concerns read my blog. Sometimes I need to vent about anger or frustration or sadness or maybe even a wicked dirty joke, but knowing that some of my audience knows me makes it awkward.

I started this site a a personal website years before the bloggy part started. I shared the address freely because it was mainly a site about disney and animals. I’ve spent too much time with this site to abandon it for a new anonymous blog.

So…here’s a warning. While I will take pains not to malign anyone I know/care about in real life, I’m going to start writing about my real life. If you know me but don’t want to know all *about* me…you may want to go elsewhere. Read dooce for a bit…then come back and I promise I will look more levelheaded & non-self-centered and less whiny than ever!

Now that that’s out of the way…

Dear blog,

It’s time for me to have a baby…

March, 2017: Oh, you sweet summer child.

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  • JohnnyBlack February 17, 2006 at 4:07 pm

    To the tune of “Jungle Fever”

    “I got Baby Fever”
    “You got Baby Fever”
    “I got Baby Fever”
    “You got Baby Fever”

    Love ya

    PS We MIGHT be going to Vegas in March……..
    Fooled ya—I meant Disney World.