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February 11, 2006

(OPB – other people’s babies)

Recently, I’ve found myself extremely concerned about babies that I’ve never met, but “know” through blogs.

Tina had her baby, Lauren Rose,
2 1/2 months early. Tina’s home, but Lauren’s in the NICU for the near future. I worried like heck while Tina – a stranger to me – was on bedrest and I thrilled when I saw Lauren’s photo.

I’ve been following Odin’s adventures since he came home from the hospital after being born at 26 weeks. This week, Odin’s folks discovered that because of his micropreemieness, he may have developed some visual motor development troubles along the way. Plus, he could be very nearsighted, due to his ROP.

I work with Mark at the newspaper. He’s been blogging on the paper’s site about his wife’s pregnancy and the impending birth of his son. Nathaniel (love that name!) was born last week, and this week he had major heart surgery to correct a problem. Mark’s tender words move me to tears over this infant I’ve never met.

And Shawn and Kim from the abandoned Him and Kim site are expecting their daughter any day now. Any day! How exciting!

I need some more hobbies. Or maybe a baby of my own. 😉

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