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Ahh…sweet weekend

August 6, 2005

Looks like we made it another week, kids! Didn’t blog yesterday because 20 minutes more sleeptime was more enticing. Don’t take it personally, though…I really feel like I have my blogging mojo back.

Thursday was a busy day. Yesterday was more evenly-paced. Meetings, conference calls, stuff I’m doing again that I haven’t done in years. But, Big Summer Project trundles on toward its inevitable end when it ceases to become a “thing” and begins to become a “reality.” I got another project (due on 9/30, coinciding with Big (corporate-mandated) Fall Project and Three-Days-Away-from-home Fall Meeting) postponed until the end of December. Thank goodness!

Yesterday I swung back to the library because apparently even though I meant to check out Book 2 of The Camulod Chronicles, I checked out Book 3. I was holding them both in my hand on Thursday and put the wrong one back. I didn’t notice until last night, when I was planning to pick up some food and sack out under a blanket w/the book. Crud. Lesson learned: Never, EVER plan to just sit at home and do nothing. I ended up going food shopping afterward and didn’t make it home until 10.

Which brings us to today…

Breakfast: Newly replenished w/Grape Nuts…I’m having a bowl!

Gym: Sticking to my every-other-day schedule, that’s where I’ll be going as soon as I’m done w/this blog. As long as I continue to eat like I’m still in college, (LG looks guiltily at the Cooler Ranch Dorito bag on the desk and the bottle of Captain Morgan* with which I toasted the weekend last night) to the gym I will go every day.

Afternoon plans: Clean, clean, clean my house…roughly once a weeeeek…scrubbily scrubbily scrubbily scrubbily…domestic skills are bleak…

Lunch: Something light.

Evening Activities: Take me out to the Balll Gaaaaame! I bitch about my job, so let me brag about a perk. Diamond Club seating and preferred parking at 2 Phillies games a year. Tonight’s our first, and let’s just hope the Phils don’t blow it like they did last night. (link dies in 7 days). Going with Mom&John, as BvP works this weekend. I’ll probably eat there. The big question will be…what of John’s countless Phillies jerseys, shirts, and caps will he wear? Stay tuned…

Dream: We can fly! We can fly! We can fly! Went to a special amusement park (of sorts) where if you wore a certain outfit, you could fly, superhero style. They had near-perfect replicas of world monuments that you could fly over, around, and up to. I used my camera phone to take a pic of myself flying at the top of what they were calling St. Basil’s Cathedral even though it was really the Taj Mahal.

Flight has been a dream of mine since I used to jump off of sofas and down (small) staircases with umbrellas and/or sheets tied around my shoulders. This was a fun dream.

(remembered after posting): Another mini-dream I had last night — I went to BlogHer. My panel talked about how best to blog about your menstrual period. In real life, I didn’t go to BlogHer. I didn’t want to go to BlogHer. I read some of the chat transcripts and while there were some good interchanges…there was way too much “men run the blogworld!” and “the web resembles the male-centric corporate world!” talk for my comfort. And the comments I read about BlogHer seemed too…I don’t know… “Squee! I’m at a girls’ blogging summer camp!!!!111!!”

And now off to the gym with me…after a phonecall….

* The Captain and I go back. He’s my drinking buddy of choice. He tells me tales of azure blue Caribbean seas as he makes my head spin. He, however, does not taste good with Diet Cherry Coke. Speaking of which…here’s a great page detailing the differences between Diet Coke, Coke Zero, C2, and all the ligher Coke products out there. (link via Kottke.org, even though he really doesn’t need the link back.)

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