April 3, 2005

Overheard outside my door at 7:30am: QUAAAAAAACK! QUAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Apparently Hitchcock is staying directly above us and was feeding the ducks again. Now the ducks are camping out on our patio…waiting.

Yesterday we went to Disney/MGM studios. We rode the usual attractions, but we got to preview the new Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt show. Lots of speeding cars and fire. Thor was pleased.

Yesterday was hella chilly! I shivered until the sun came out, and by night I was in jeans and a jacket. Hope it warms up…I only packed only one pair of jeans!

So besides the fact that I forgot my hairbrush and makeup home (the prettiest girl in WDW, I am) and that my glasses broke yesterday, day 1 was great!

I’m on the patio now, and they just opened the Magic Kingdom. I can hear it all from across the lagoon. They sang a variation of some song I swear my Mom used to sing in the mornings (good morning, good morning, to you) which is pleasantly jarring. I think we’re either headed there or Animal Kingdom today.

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