No my first name ain’t baby…it’s Lady…MissGypsy if you’re nasty

Tonight’s Academy Awards got me thinking about Hollywood and its stars. One of my favorite haunts, Smoking Gun put up a nice collection of celebrity documents. Lawsuits, arrests, silly settlements…it’s all there. Add to that Smoking Gun’s collection of stars backstage demands, and it is evident just how easy most of us are to deal with!

That said…if I were a diva, these would be my demands:

  • I like my water a few degrees cooler than room temperature. With a straw please…I prefer drinking through straws to wrapping my lips around a glass. Sometimes glasses smell…odd…and that ruins the entire drinking experience for me!
  • Daisies. Lots of daisies.
  • I want a cheesesteak in my dressing room. With fried onions and ketchup. Or as we’d say in the Philly area…”cheesesteak, wit’ ” If it shows up with mayonnaise…I will hurl it against the wall!
  • I need to always have a broadband Internet Connection available. Because it answers all of my questions better than most humans can.

    What would your demands be?


    • I feel your pain with the Cheesesteaks. Although I don’t like them “Ed Rendell style” (i.e. ketchup). My problem is for the past 18 months I have adopted a Low Carb Lifestyle (i.e. no hoagie rolls)AND even if I want to splurge – I gave up Cheese for Lent!

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