Annual Review

February 9, 2005

Finally, I had my Annual Review today. A bit late, but hey… apparently I’m still doing a good job. Here is my first year in a nutshell, according to me.

January – March 2004: I’m bewildered and constantly second-guessing myself. That transitions into..
June – August 2004: The job kicks my ass all summer, which is marked by waves of panic and nausea.
October – December 2004: Stuff starts to fall into place.
January 2005: Could this be…a bit of…confidence?????? Nah. Can’t be.

I learned a lot by watching all the Directors do their stuff. I learned what NOT to do by watching the Apprentice. Seriously. Those candidates are 99% worthless.

During year 1, I learned ALLLL about the protocol…how to do the reports…what goes where…etc. This year we’re all going to shine!

Today’s food intake: Banana, Restaurant Ravioli and 2 rolls for lunch, Beets for dinner, 60 oz of water and 2 glasses of Diet Coke.

Tomorrow: Big Weekly Meeting. Start playing with site redesign ideas.

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